Due to their surface structure, SAFARI Stapelstein are resistant to dirt and therefore especially well suited for outdoor use. The Stapelstein can also be taken into the sandbox and pool. For cleaning we recommend water and a coarse brush. The SAFARI Stapelstein are made of 90 % recycling material. The remaining 10 % are coloured new material to enable a play of colours. Each Stapelstein has a unique point structure and is therefore unique.

Stapelstein SAFARI RAINBOW great

  • Stapelstein SAFARI RAINBOW great:

    8 Stapelsteine (1x safari purple, 1x safari red, 1x safari orange, 1x safari yellow, 1x safari green, 1x safari blue, 1x safari light green, 1x safari dark blue)

    Made in Germany from resource-saving EPP

    Water, saliva, bite and UV resistant

    100% recyclable

    Single weight: 180 g

    Max. load: 180 kg

    Age recommendation: From 1 year of age

    Dimensions: diameter = 27,5 cm, height = 12 cm