The Stapelstein RAINBOW basic represents the whole manifold colour spectrum of the rainbow. It is composed of the six primary and secondary colours. The rainbow in its bright colours stimulates creative play and active movement with the whole body. It offers infinite play possibilities for children of different ages.


  • Stapelstein RAINBOW CLASSIC BUNDLE 6+1:

    1 Confetti Balance Board

    6 Stapelsteine (1x violet, 1x red, 1x orange, 1x yellow, 1x green, 1x blue)

    Made in Germany from resource-saving EPP

    Water, saliva, bite and UV resistant

    100% recyclable

    Single weight: 180 g

    Max. load: 180 kg

    Age recommendation: From 1 year of age

    Dimensions: diameter = 27,5 cm, height = 12 cm