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  • The new Stapelstein rainbow pastel 6 is an eye-catcher in every room.  

  • The light, bright colors make it suitable for every home and every child's room.  

  • The Stapelstein in pastel colors can be combined with all other Stapelstein and Stapelstein boards.  

  • Especially in combination with the rainbow classic 6 or rainbow classic 8, there are great color combinations that encourage movement and the development of the imagination.


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  • Stapelstein RAINBOW PASTEL:

    Stapelstein rainbow pastel (1x violet, 1x light blue, 1x mint, 1x light yellow, 1x light orange, 1x light red)

    Made in Germany from resource-saving EPP

    Water, saliva, bite and UV resistant

    100% recyclable

    Single weight: 180 g

    Max. load: 180 kg

    Age recommendation: From 1 year of age

    Dimensions: diameter = 27,5 cm, height = 12 cm

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